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Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching from Someone Who Understands 

The only person who can't do hard things is the person who never tries.

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My name is Emily Matteson. I'm a holistic nutritionist and certified personal trainer in Overland Park. I'm committed to helping you find a healthy balance based on your individual goals. 

I believe our bodies affect a lot more than the way we look. I will work with you to form a custom, individualized plan that will set you on the path to looking better and feeling better.

If you want to learn more about me, you can click the link below. Or you can just reach out!


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1-on-1 personal training

for the most personalized training and accountability program.


Online training with all of the benefits of 1-on-1 training while working out on your own time.

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Nutrition consulting for those just looking to learn how to plan a diet and make healthy choices

Whether you are searching for a 1-on-1 trainer, monthly workouts and accountability, or nutrition consulting, we can come up with something that works for you. Ready to sign up? Schedule a session using the links below.

In-Person Training

Online Training

Nutrition Consulting

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Looking to add some new recipes to your menu? All of these recipes are taken straight from my personal cook book. Real recipes without all of the advertising and back story that takes us ten minutes to scroll through.


Chef Salad

20 minutes


Berry Smoothie

12 minutes


Chocolate Chip Cookies

40 minutes


"I finally feel confident in the gym again thanks to Emily. The app she uses, along with her encouraging training style has me feeling better than I have in years. "


"Emily is a talented personal trainer with a TPI Level 2 and nutrition certifications! Combined with a great personality Emily makes workouts fun!"


"Emily has built some of the best workouts I have ever done. She tailored the workouts to my goals, my body type, and my overall well-being." 


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